About Me

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my blog.

I love God and consider myself his servant. I believe the gospel and have seen the truth of it transform individuals and communities. I have a relationship with God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit regularly empowers, guides, and speaks to me.

I am passionate about the Bible and the life-giving truths it contains. I am passionate about the gospel and seeing it bring the transformation and healing that Jesus’ death on the cross paid for. I am passionate about God’s kingdom, being a part of it and used by God in its growth.

I am married to my wife Claire and have two joy-filled little girls called Annabelle and Sophie. Being a husband and dad are the two ministries that I enjoy, and savour, most in life.

My wife and I

My wife and I





We all live in Yeovil, Somerset, England together where I am the Senior Leader of a church plant in the middle of a housing estate called Birchfield Church. I am also a part of a network of independent church planters called Church Planting Initiative. And for two days a week I work for South West Youth Ministries as their Somerset Area-Coordinator looking after their trainees here in Yeovil at Yeovil Community Church and promoting SWYM and their resources around the area.

One of our values at Birchfield Church is having Jelly Walls. What we mean by that is we are willing to be flexible with our means and methods, and willing to be transparent about our beliefs and doctrine. Some things in Christianity we are 100% certain of, and with other things we realize that we may very well be wrong. At all times we are willing to listen to and absorb others’ Christian beliefs, weigh them up with the Bible and the Holy Spirit who teaches us, and continue to develop the boundaries that surround and hold up our family.

That’s what I aim to do on this blog, question many of the things we might believe without thinking much about it in the hopes of giving space to the Holy Spirit to challenge and teach us new things (for us anyway!), while putting our faiths through a refiners fire. This means, that I am sure many of you will disagree with something that I say at some point. In fact, I will probably disagree with something that I say at some point! I’d rather know I was wrong and learn from it, then coast through life in some sort of superficial bubble of infallibility.

I am American and grew up in America. I tell you this in hopes that you will give me grace when I say things that might sound harsh about America and the Christianity within it. I have many friends and family there who are daily impacted by its culture and Christianity, so you could say I have a vested interest. I love to read books about God, Christianity, the Bible, church planting and growth, and the Kingdom of God. For me, books come alive when I have heard the author speak and can imagine his unique way of speaking as I read his words. If that would help you with me, you can listen to some of my sermons (and others from Birchfield Church) here.

Thanks for joining me in this journey called Christianity! I look forward to our many conversations along the way.

May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ interrupt us both today.


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