I am available to lead training days/sessions and facilitate coaching conversations with leadership teams, volunteers, and the wider community in churches and charities.

A small sampling of some of the subjects that I can support you in are:

Mental Health

  • Level 1 Training – An introduction to the reality and impact of stress and trauma, and how we can support individuals in coping with these things. Looking at how the body responds to stress and trauma through the arousal response (fight, flight freeze) and the dissociative response. Thinking through how we can help individuals regulate themselves out of a state of hyper-arousal or hypo-arousal.
  • Level 2 Training – Basic introductions to things like emotions, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, eating disorders, suicide, psychosis, and self-harm. Looking at strategies to make our communities safe spaces for those that struggle. Thinking through positive approaches to mental health like Mindfulness Based Character Strengths.
  • Children and Young People – Brain development of children and adolescents, how to support good development, and the impact of poor development. Creating safe spaces for children and young people. Thinking through support strategies for children and young people experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Looking after ourselves in pastoral ministry.

Theology of Mental Health

  • Exploring God in times of darkness, the role of community, and the power of bearing witness in times of suffering.

Mission Strategy

  • Exploring how we grow mission-equipped disciples and make a difference in the communities around us through story, tables, practices, and giving up control.

Family-Oriented Ministry

  • Developing worship services and events geared towards helping families engage with God together, as a family with other families.
  • Creating family-friendly prayer spaces.

Connecting with Communities

  • Discerning together the hopes, fears, & beliefs of your community; and how to share the Gospel in a way that answers the questions they are asking deep down.
  • Developing missional house groups that seek to make a practical and spiritual difference in their demographic area.
  • Planning & developing church plants.

Bible Teaching & Preaching

  • I love the Bible and sharing it with others.
  • Creating spaces in our churches where we learn from each other.