Seeking Secrets

Whilst preparing for a training day that I was leading recently, I came across a series of videos made by Jubilee Media and posted on their YouTube channel. In the videos, people are invited to write down their biggest secrets, most painful memories, proudest moments, etc. on a piece of paper – anonymously. Then, a series of strangers sit down in a chair, choose a piece of paper, and read the secret out.

To say that these are powerful would be an understatement. For me, one of the biggest things that stood out as I watched these videos was how often the person reading the story had a shared similar experience. We often get convinced that we are alone in our trauma, pain, and struggles; but this is rarely true. It usually does not take long to find someone who has experienced something related to what we have when we begin to open up and share.

This was certainly true of my wife and my experience when we shared about our stillbirth and miscarriages. Time and time again people we shared with would go on to tell us of their pain that they had kept hidden for so long. On one hand, to become aware of so many others hurting is deeply heart-breaking; but it is also deeply comforting to know that you are not the first person to survive walking down this road.

If you have time, take a look at some of these videos, and maybe consider opening up to and sharing a bit more of your life’s story with someone you trust today.

For me, this why the story of Jesus, God himself, dying to rescue us from our shackles of brokenness is so poignant and powerful. We can know for certain that God knows what it is like to despair and lose hope, to journey into the hell of life. And alongside that, we can know that Jesus survived that hell and has promised to walk beside us as we journey through our own.

Today I pray that you know Jesus’ presence on your journey.

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