The God We Encounter in Darkness

On 2 June 2019 I was given the opportunity to preach and share with Barton Baptist Church in Torquay. Although I am familiar with Torbay, I had never been to Barton before. They were really welcoming and I loved being with them!

Take a few minutes to listen to what I had to share with them.

Listen here.

In the week leading up to this God had laid the story of Moses walking up into the thick darkness to meet with God in Exodus 20 on my heart for the church. Using Moses’ reflections on this event in Deuteronomy 4, I talked about God’s formlessness in the dark seasons of life, his availability to be wrestled with and encountered, and how we must be careful with our reactions to these experiences.

As you listen to this and reflect on the times you have encountered our God in formless ways and dark times, may hope rise in you for your current season of darkness and the presence of God with you.

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