Thy Kingdom Come – Prayer Devotional

Tomorrow starts Thy Kingdom Come 2021 and with it, eleven days of intentional and focused prayer for revival in our nation and salvation for those we know around us as we approach Pentecost Sunday.

Thy Kingdom Come have produced a whole host of great resources for the period, from prayer journals to new hymns to family activities with the Cheeky Pandas to 24/7 prayer rooms. Head over to their website to check it all out.

Each morning during this period I am going to post a short devotional to help you pray for your five: five people you know who don’t yet have a faith in Jesus (as far as you know) that you are committing to pray for each day. Each post will follow a similar structure starting with a Bible passage and devotional thought, and then suggesting a range of old and potentially new prayers for you to explore over the course of the day as you pray for your five.

So please, join me on this journey over the next eleven days and let’s see God’s kingdom come in our homes, communities, and nation.

Grace and peace,


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